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Well, I thought I'd be Season Three Willow, but lo, it appears I am not. I have to say, I really loved her clothes in Season 4. She ahd a truly great "As Seen on TV" tee that I coveted, as well as lots of nice long skirts. I remember during Season 4 at MBTV (as was), people kept getting hysterical about her "crazy" clothes and terrible hair, which I found rather insulting seeing as I and half my friends dressed like that. Urban Outfitters are everywhere, people, it's not like she suddenly started dressing like a Gatecrasher kid or something.

you are outgoing willow

You are outgoing Willow. You have really come into your
stride and are one with your surroundings. Everyone thinks you are super-cool,
but you're a bit worried that they'll figure out you're pretty normal.
But you have such potential and a great attitude that you simply don't
know your worth.

Wanna see which Willow you are? Take the test!

Fireworks keep going off outside. One of the many reasons I don't like Halloween is horrible knackery kids setting off fireworks all over the place. And throwing eggs. I remember a little bollocks threw eggs at me and my friend J when we were about 16, and wrecked my beautiful vintage suede jacket. I have hated leaving the house at the end of October ever since. Seriously!

On a less bitter note, The Office is on later. I may have to watch from behind the couch. It really is almost unbearable...
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