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oh, bollocks

Perhaps I should have swore (sweared?) on my phone post, to give you the full majesty of my beautiful voice. I'm certainly swearing now, with physical pain and emotional crankiness. So now you know what I sound like, just imagine me going "oh, fucking hell", throughout this post.

Does anyone know if OS X has a "work offline" option? When I was at work, this wasn't an option, because we had a broadband connection, but at home on my dial up, I've always used my browser history to read long articles. But now it won't let me! There doesn't seem to be a work offline option in Safari at all, and even Internet Explorer, which has one, doesn't seem to bother with it - when I click on something in my History, or click the back button on the browser, it just tries to go online! Any ideas, Mac genii?

In other news, I was just sitting on the bottom of the stairs talking on the phone (which is in the hall, next to the stairs) and when I got up I bashed the small of my back against the very pointy end of the bannisters. As there is virtually no cushioning fat there, it was like hitting my funny bone - some of the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life. It still hurts like hell. Ow. Ow.


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