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thanks and a plug

Thanks to kindly help of blue_monday and offscreen, I am dealing quite well with my teething pains. I have to say, I feel a bit piqued - I can't believe OSX is so different from Macs since the world began, but anyway, I'm getting used to it, and really, the iBook is just so cute and - oh yeah, have I said this before? Okay, I'll stop. But hurrah, hurrah for tabbed browsers! So cool and - okay, okay.

Anyway! Tonight, the gig, the Village, come along. I'm going to spend the day reading Persephone books, which shows how rock and roll I am. Sigh.

Oh, and apparently I have a fucking huge bruise at the base of my spine, as a result of my stair-related accident yesterday evening. I can't see it myself, not being some sort of contortionist, but I have been reliably informed (ahem) that it is a whopper. It hurts like one, anyway. Stupid fucking stairs.

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