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I am back, back from my touring! And I am very very tired, because we had to drive home from Cork last night because Patrick had to be in college early this morning, so we got home at half four in the morning. But! We had a great few days with the Handsome Family, who are a magnificent band and very nice, funny people too. They were the greatest fun to tour with, not least because they have the best on-stage banter I've ever heard. And even though I loved their music before, the fact that I love it even more having heard them play for four nights in a row is a testament to its goodness.

I will report more on our adventures later (or maybe I won't, I'm kind of in a haze of tiredness and still in my navy blue pyjamas with the tiny white stars at a quarter to two in the afternoon), but for the moment, I shall just command you to buy a Handsome family album! Any of them! And if you have one already, go and listen to it. So pretty. And best lyrics ever (see the subject of this entry - how can you not love a song which begins with those words?).

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