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round round baby round round

Do you know what my favourite song at the moment is?

"Toxic". By Britney Spears.

Seriously, it's fucking fantastic. I dance around the kitchen to it when I'm meant to be working. I love it. And while I haven't been a total Britney-hater, ever since she released the neptunes-ized 'Boys' (which was also great), I never thought I'd be loving one of her songs this much.

Anyway, a few days ago it inspired me to make a Superpop! playlist on my spanking new iTunes, with such gems as 'Crazy in Love' by Beyonce and 'Freak like Me' by the Sugababes and 'Everybody Get Up' by Five and 'Senorita' by Justin. Which is perfect, because the albums of all these people have way too much crappy filler, so this allows me to listen to the good bits. And now during the day, when I'm not listening to Radio 4 or Nick Cave or my old faves Fairport Convention (who I love, not least because they remind me of my childhood), I'm bouncing about to my superpop collection. God bless you, iTunes!
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