The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
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author appreciation time

Aww, I love the new Meg Cabot book. Not only is it very funny and charming, not only does it namecheck good bands, not only does it include yummy cake recipes, but now the hero's little sister has just come out, and she's a realistic little riot grrrl, not a crass stereotype. This shouldn't have to be a cause for celebration, but plenty of chicklit writers seem to have a weird problem with lesbians, so it is. And the horrible evil villains of the story are the ones who are appalled by it, and want to have her shipped off to a "sexual reprogramming camp" ala But I'm a Cheerleader. Man, if making one of heroines have sleaterkinneyfan as her IM username wasn't enough to make me love Meg Cabot, this would do it (well, all this and the fact that after I interviewed her she sent me a lovely package with loads of signed books).
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