The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

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New clooothes!

So I actually found nice new clothes in the shops! And I bought something! Which is good, especially as I was on the verge of tears last week when I tried on a size 10 dress in Kookai and could barely squeeze it over my rapidly expanding thighs. the 12 was too big, and I was starting to think that even when I found nice clothes they wouldn't ever fit me, and I'd just have to keep wearing the ones I have now until they turned into rags. But then yesterday I discovered a lovely wool skirt in Avoca, of all places. Avoca is a shop that sells gorgeous, expensive gifts - hot watter bottles shaped like cats, Cath Kidston shopping bags - as well as ugly floaty tourist-friendly knit wear, so imagine my surprise when I found this delicious sky-blue, blotchy wool skirt. It's very heavy wool, more like a coat than a skirt, but it's so pretty, and nice and warm in this weather.
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