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scared silly

I finally saw 28 Days Later tonight, which I hadn't gone to see in the cinema when it came out because I knew I would be too scared. I like to have the option of (a) hiding behind the couch or (b) running into the kitchen when watching scary films. And I was right, because that was pretty fucking scary. And really, really good. Even though, yes, I kept running out of the room. And bits of it were very sad. When Jim comes back to his family home, and the photo...sniff. But it was mostly scary, and smart, and if some of the points were obvious (who are the real baddies, people can be mad and angry enough without being zombies), they were made with style. And scariness. And lots of violence.

I loved that Cillian Murphy used his real accent (and his apparently unpronouncable name - a woman reviewing Intermission on Radio 4 pronounced it 'Sillian', which was amusing). Also, he is hot. I never really noticed his hotness before. Perhaps it was all the running around in the nud which he does in this film.

Also, Christopher Ecclestone was great, as ever. He's very good at playing charismatic loons. Some of the best television ever was the three parter in Cracker where Robert Carlyle played the lefty-turned-psycho-skinhead and Christopher Eccleston was the police inspector he killed, which gave both of them a chance to do their best "I'm mad/ruthless" acting. Top stuff!
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