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I just got sent Christina Aguilera's new album.

Good sweet jesus.

The cover of this CD is possibly the skankiest thing I have ever seen in my life. Who told her those merkin-esque trousers were a good idea? her stylist should be shot.

I remember when I was backstage at the MTV Europe awards (not vaguely as glamorous as it sounds, by the way) in 1999, Britney and Christina both came back to meet the press. Before that night, I had always thought Britney looked like a skanky old ho, but in person she was actually very pretty and freshfaced. She was also surprisingly likeable - very charming and unaffected.

Christina, on the other hand, looked like a Berlin hooker, and had so much make up on her face that she looked like orange stone-cladding. She was surly and obnoxious too. So to be honest, I'm not surprised to see her plumb even tackier depths.
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