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sticky backed plastic and other memories

I just watched Blue Peterfor the first time in about 15 years, and I feel all nostalgic for the days when I didn't have to worry about money or work or anything but...well, nothing really, because the first eleven or so years of my life were pretty blissful (then my best friend dumped me, which was the first really miserable thing had ever happened to me. Yes, I am lucky.). I really loved Blue Peter when I was a kid, which I know makes me a total nerd. I used to make the stuff they showed on it, and I even (and I am genuinely proud of this) had a Blue Peter badge! Yes, I wrote them a letter suggesting they do a thing on (oh God) Frank Richards and the original Greyfriars school stories, and they wrote back and said it was a great idea and they were awarding me a Blue Peter badge. Alas, I have always been too scared of losing it to wear it out much (which is a bit ridiculous), so I don't display my geekiness for all to see. I do still have the badge, though.

Anyway. I am now reminded of cosy winter evenings with me and my sisters watching Children's BBC and then getting together loads of egg boxes and that most prized thing, double-sided sellotape, and making some ridiculous contraption.

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