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Hee, apparently the words egg-boxes and indeed Blue Peter are a sort of Proustian madeleine for 20-somethings-who-were-slightly-geeky-kids! Most amusing. I don't suppose any of you had a badge, did you? Or was it just ME?! *laughs in evil triumph*

It's weird, even though my family din't watch much television as children, I have very fond memories of Children's BBC (and to a lesser extent, ITV, because they had Sooty and Sweep. And that fantasy programme whose name eludes me, but whose villain was cool and wore red sparkly gauzey dresses that I loved. Then they got a new actress to play her who was blonde and crap). I especially loved the big literary adaptations they did (usually on Wednesdays), like The Box of Delights and The Children of Greene Knowe. Just thinking about the dark winter afternoons of my childhood, with my sisters and I watching TV and then going off and making Lego villages or putting on plays makes me feel all cosy and nostalgic. Winter does that, sometimes. It's not a bad thing.
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