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There was an absolutely lovely programme on Radio 4 this morning called The Marriage Years, in which several people who were married in 1940 spoke about how they met and about the early years of their marriages, which of course were during the war. It was really, really sweet, and absolutely fascinating. Both my sets of grandparents married during the last years of the war, and neither of my grandmothers had white wedding dresses because of fabric shortages, so it was interesting to see how some people got round that problem! It was sad too - when one very articulate, witty lady started choking back tears when talking about the telegram which announced her husband's death - sixty years ago - I was snuffling. By the time the only featured couple who are both still alive (most of the other interviewees were now widows) talked about how they always hold hands on the bus - "in case you fall off the seat!" - I was bawling like a five year old.

If you are less of a sap than me and can listen to stuff like that without getting all red-eyed, go hereand scroll down the "listen to the latest programmes" column.
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