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christmas time (don't let the bells end!)

Merry Christmas everyone! I have already eaten too much, and I have also gone to Mass, which was actualyl lovely and which was celebrated by a really nice priest who got everyone to pray for refugees and whose sermon was just about being nice to people. He said that yesterday when people were in confession and listing their sins, he kept asking them, "but what good things did you do?" And when they reluctantly told him, he said 'well, there you go, that makes up for it". No Catholic guilt for him! He was great.

Of course, on a less spiritual level, there were many presents - my parents got two exhibition posters which i've had in a tube for about a year framed for me, as well as Benefit makeup, some books, and a Cath Kidston bed linen set. My beloved boyfriend got me a trampoline (yes!) and a Collected Works of Spike Jonze DVD. And! This morning when I opened my present from my sister Jenny, two books tumbled out, along with a piece of paper. When I unfolded it, I saw a picture of Giles! Above his visage were the words "HE IS THE PIRATE KING!" And below it said "And you will see him in action on Thursday 22nd January in the Savoy Theatre, London, at 7.30pm".

yes, my sister is taking me to see Anthony Head in The Pirates of Penzance! My family rocks!

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