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if you don't know me by now....

Oh, man. The Christmas special of The Office did not disappoint. Although it was almost more painful to watch than ever.

Tim! And Dawn! And the baby not being Dawn's (phew!)! My sister and I cheered when Tim locked Gareth into his office, because we were scared that Tim would have become all Brentish, but he's his good old self (hurrah!). The bits in the meeting with Keith asking for "girls" and wet t-shirt competitions and Tim's horrified/bemused responses, were brilliant.

The David Brent bits were almost unwatchable, though. Brilliant, but unwatchable. Except for the video, which was just brilliant. The dove! The soft-focus! Bwahahahaha!

Still. Dawn coming back for the party! If she and Tim don't declare their mutual love, I will cry. I cried at the "she said no, by the way" moment, so I think it's fairly safe to say that any similar scenes will set me off.

The second part, and the final episode ever, is on tomorrow night, and I can't wait. I need to know what will happen to Dawn and Tim! Oh, I hope you Americans get these last two episodes before the remake spoils the series for you forever.

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