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joy in the morning

There are few joys like discovering good new books by a writer you've loved for years. And yet, it's happened! For some mysterious reason, I had never read P.G. Wodehouse's Ukridge stories. Considering I've been a huge Wodehouse fan since I was about nine, this is kind of amazing, but anyway, I hadn't. Recently I've been in a very Wodehouse-reading mood - blame it on winter-time stress, but I felt the need for something funny and comforting. And when I finished re-reading all the ones I owned (about 15 of them), I trotted off to the library in search of more. There were some Blandings books (which I must reread too, because I or my parents didn't own any, and so I only got them out of the library years and years ago), and there was also a collection of Ukridge stories, so I got it out.

And it's hilarious. P.G. Wodehouse is by far my favourite comic writer, and he does not disappoint in these stories. How can I not love a book which includes the nonchalant line "The Pekes I had met before, during their undergraduate days at Ukridge's dog college"? (I find the very idea of Ukridge setting up a "dog college" which will become a sort of canine Eton incredibly funny). While in the library, I flicked through a Wodehouse compendium. I didn't get it out, because I'd read just about everything in it relatively recently, but I did read the introduction by Stephen Fry, which was remarkably touching, and which made the point that the sheer good-heartedness and sweetness of Wodehouse's world serve as a reminder that it's not necessary to be cruel to be incredibly - and intelligently - funny. And even though I enjoy taking the piss out of things as much as anyone else, I kind of like that idea.
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