The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

pop culture (monkey) princess

So, last night we went to see American Splendour (or Splendor, if you prefer), which was absolutely fantastic and which I strongly recommend. So funny, and so sad. I really loved it.

And on a much more cheesey note, tonight I saw my first episode of The OC, which I recorded last night and which is now my new favourite show. They started showing it last week, so I missed the first one, but on the basis of the second episode, I'm hooked. This afternoon I told my visiting-American friend Sara that I was going to watch it this evening.

Sara: All the ladies in my office are totally in love with Seth Cohen, me included. I predict that you will be in love with him too.
Me: Pshaw!
Sara: No, you really will be.

And I am! How well she knows me.
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