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more tech help. Yes, I'm incompetent.

Okay, I'm freaked because I may have fucked up my iBook. You know those little tabs that you push to lift up your keyboard? Well, I didn't know what they did - in fact, I didn't think they did anything - and then this evening it dawned on me that they might have a purpose, so I fiddled with them and eventually, the keyboard came off, and even though I was a little disturbed by the fact that it was all connected to the rest of the computer with very fragile looking metal thread things, I figured that it must be okay to do that. Until I looked at the manual, and saw that if you take the keyboard off, you're meant to take out the battery and everything. And I did it when the computer was still on! Everything seems okay with the 'puter, but could I have done something really bad to it?

Also, one of the reasons I was fiddling with the keyboard is because several of the oft-used keys have started making an intensely irritating sort of springy noise when hit. Any idea how to stop that too? If my computer still works, that is.

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