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Things I Did in London

1. Walked. A lot. I have a very odd knowledge of London - I'm very familiar with the west end (and Camden and Tooting/Clapham/Balham), but the problem is that I can never remember how streets link up. Like, I know the individual streets, but I'll forget how to get from one to another. But once I'm on one I know exactly where everything on it is. It's very odd. Anyway, I can usually find my way around, but with a few accidental detours until I suddenly find myself on a street I know, so I must have walked at least ten miles a day.

2. Bought shoes. Cute, cute shoes, little flat black shiny ones with squarish toes - like ballet shoes with a sort of flower on each.

3. Bought clothes. A pale blue - with red ribbon trim - thermal twin set from teeny little hipster boutique, Shop. Last night I wore it with a black wool a-line skirt, black tights and my pale blue Camper strappy flats with embroidered toes. My new favourite outfit. I was at Patrick's album launch last night, which was very fun. Although it does mean that I am now even more knackered today than I was yesterday. Also, they have a lot of teen fans, who were dancing in a very energetic "we're cool dancers! We're so unselfconscious!" way right in front of us staid old folks, who kept having to jump back to avoid being elbowed in the face.

4. Bought books. Many books. I visited Persephone, which was lovely, and snagged a few titles.

5. Bought music - Stereo Total and the first Ladytron album. But I just listened to Franz Ferdinand all week. That album is the best thing I've heard in years. It's annoying - every morning I'd be literally dancing around to it and think how much I wanted to go out dancing. I have had all my best clubbing experiences in various London places over the years, and I used to go out dancing every time I went to see Jenny, but this time I was too knackered by the time night time arrived. Also, most of the clubs I really wanted to go to are on Friday and Saturdays. Bah. I'm listening to Franz Ferdinand now, and I want to go out dancing right now, but alas, it's half twelve and I'm in my pyjamas. There's also the fact that Dublin clubbing is shit right now. I haven't gone out dancing much since the early days of the Skank Engine, before it got filled up with strangers and became too hot to move. But I love dancing! Why don't we have better clubs here?I wish there was a good small venue in which Claire and I could do Bon Bon again. That was great.

6. Went to a Quentin Blake exhibition in Somerset House, which was wonderful. Almost every picture - especially pre-1990 - was totally and utterly familiar, and it was amazing to see the real things. Also, it reminded me of how much I adored Arabel's Raven.

6. Ate fancy food and drank lots of wine and generally talked bollocks with my sister. Which was great fun.

7.Met snowballjane! And was charmed by her and awed by her work place, which is the office of a publication revered in my family home.

8. SAW PIRATE GILES! Still a bit thrilled about that one. Seriously, it was a great show, although some of the musical arrangement was a bit cheesey - I like my Gilbert and Sullivan old school, thanks. But the staging of it was great - a sort of Edwardian fairground theme - and the cast were very good. It really was incredibly odd to see Anthony Head in real life, and dressed as a pirate, no less. I know that in real life his accent is a bit more estuary than Giles, and in this he was hamming it up in Pirate mode, but there were moments when he just sounded like Giles, and that was very strange. And cool. Also, he danced! And flew! Dancing flying Giles!

So now I am home, in a world without flying pirate librarians, New Look and a good choice of clubs. Bah.
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