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literary fun

Jesus, I seem to be enjoying a run of book-finding luck.

Some of you know that I adore Antonia Forest's books, especially the school stories. Alas, as I got them out of the library as a child, I only owned one of them. Until a week ago. You see, these books are hugely sought after, and as a result are terribly expensive second hand. But every time I go to a second hand shop, I always check the 'F' section of the children's shelves, more out of habit than in expectation of actually finding one.

And then, early last week, I was walking past Chapter's on Abbey Street, and on a whim decided to have a look at the kidlit section. And what should be there but Attic Term! For two quid, as opposed to the fifty for which it's often offered on abebooks et al. So I was thrilled. And then yesterday I got The Cricket Term on eBay for a tenner. And then today I went to the library in Dun Laoghaire, and popped in to the second hand book shop there. And what should I find, for one shiny euro, but End of Term! I think I actually squeaked with excitement. So now I have all the Kingscote books, which makes me very happy.
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