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Grease is the word..

Ugh. The Boy and I went to see the new Mike Leigh film, All or Nothing, last night, and I made my usual cinema-visit mistake.

I got a huge tub of "buttered" popcorn.

I do this every time I got the cinema, and I always, always feel sick afterwards and wish I hadn't done it. Last night I actually insisted on going to see the film in the big multiplex in the city centre rather than the cool Irish Film Centre purely because the IFC doesn't serve popcorn (or any food at all - boo!). I just love buttery popcorn. Thank God I only ever eat it at the cinema; I'd be enormous otherwise.

So there I was with my tub, muching away, and as usual I gorged so much of it that by the time the trailers were over I was feeling a bit ill (and the contents of the bucket were barely dented). And when we got home I could only lie there on the couch, calling faintly for Milk of Magnesia for my churning tum.

I can never go to the cinema again.

(P.S. The film was great, if incredibly, incredibly depressing. This may have added to my general malaise.)
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