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cruel bigot alert.

biascut has already posted about this, but did anyone else see this appalling tirade in today's Guardian magazine? I haven't read such hate-filled nastiness in a supposedly liberal paper since....another Julie. Gah. I mean, what is the point of that piece? It seems designed purely to belittle people for no real reason.

I say, give that page to Zoe Williams. She's funny, she's smart and she seems pretty nice from her column in Now magazine. Also, I love Things You Only Know If You're Not at Work, because tragically, I can identify with them all.

And, despite the bigotry evident in the magazine this week, I must confess I loved this piece in today's Guide section, in which small children rate classic rock, which includes the best description of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit" ever:

Sophie: It's making me think about doing bad things like putting snowballs down my sister's back.



Jan. 31st, 2004 08:56 am (UTC)
I must say that when he started transitioning I was a little taken aback, but mostly because I had a hard time with changing my pronoun use and it made me uncomfortable. But that was *good*, because it made me realize how tied I was to a binary concept of gender, no matter how much I've talked or written about gender being fluid and constructed. So it helped me work through some of my issues around that.

I've had the same experience. I don't have any close friends who are trans, but I knew an mtf girl in the university's LGB society. We were just sitting around chatting one day, and I said something about the men's loos, which implied that that was where Lisa would go. She said indignantly, excuse me! I may have xy chromosomes, but i don't go in the men's loos!

I was horribly embarrassed, and apologised multiple, multiple times, although she's got thick enough skin that she doesn't get too hung up over accidental slips from well meaning if stupid people. But it was quite a realisation for me to realise how basic and unconscious that categorisation of gender is: I said "she" when I talked about her, but underneath it there was obviously still a bit of me that thinks of her as "him."

As for Julie Bindel - can she ever, ever have met or known a trans-person, ever? Could she still have written that if she knew the first thing about trans-people's experiences? I just can't get over how fucking ill-informed and tedious it is, and her conviction that she's writing something new and radical instead of same old same old.

Could you link us to your college mailing list, if it's online anywhere? I'd be interested in seeing people responses.


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