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Today I got the 1988 Smash Hits Yearbook which I won on eBay, and it's totally brilliant. Very, very funny, especially the interview with Morrissey in which he confesses to making voodoo dolls of his enemies. The funniest things of all are the random facts in the calender at the end; in one of the little boxes for the days of January, the Hits tells us:

In the 1951 Girl Guide annual there are careful instructions of how to make 'Hector the Dachshund' out of red plasticine. "Don't be too ambitious!" they sensibly advise...

Pure madness! But terribly amusing. In May, Souxsie Sioux gives some "How to get Those Troublesome Spiders From the Bath" Tips. Don't use an envelope, she says, because "they could always crawl up your arm." How true. God, I miss old Smash Hits.

Also, glitzfrau and I went to look at shoes on the unwitting behalf of biascut! Well, okay, we went to look at shoes in Schuh because there was a pair the Glitzy one had her eyes on, but we happened to see the shoes biascut linked to the other day, and oohed and ahed over them. All were delicious, but I like the pale green round toed ones the best, I think!

Oh, and here's a meme: which of my icons do you think represents me best?
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