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brush with fame

Man, remember I was bitching about how unfair it is that my sister in London gets to go to cool clubs like this one, while we in Dublin have almost nothing*? Well, not only did she have a fantastic time at the club, but afterwards they went to the Monarch in Camden. And when they were there, who should ask her for a light but....Jude Law. Bear in mind that this isn't even the first time she's encountered Mr Law while out and about. Does that happen in Dublin? No, it does not.

Although there was that time I was going down Wicklow St and saw a bloke who I thought I knew from college and was staring at him trying to figure out how I knew him when I realised it was Ewan McGregor. Still, he didn't ask me for a light.

*While we may not have hipster country-rock nights, we do have the fabulous Hoot Night. The next one is next Friday, and not only is my delightful boyfriend's band taking part, but so is my sister's, and I may be joining them for a rendition of 'Give us Your Blessing' by the Shangri-Las. Well, the theme is "The Saddest Songs in the World", after all, so what better than a tale of wayward teenage death?


Feb. 4th, 2004 03:58 pm (UTC)
I've had a few brushes with fame here...

Gabriel Byrne (Baggot St), Giovanni Ribisi (Pembrook Rd), Tim Roth(the main newsagents on Baggot St!) and talking with Gavin Friday on the street a couple of weeks ago. He may not be anywhere near super famous, but he and his music are pretty cool.


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