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sickly cuteness alert

Yesterday P and I went to the zoo. Now, Dublin Zoo is much improved these days, and is part of an international conservation programme which breeds endangered beasts, and so does not bring on an attack of the animal-loving liberal guilts. Which is a good thing, because it contains the two cutest things in the world.

The first of these things is...a tiger cub. We were lucky; the tiger cub wanders in and out of its windowed shelter, and when it's not at the front room of that shelter, the public can't see it. But when we arrived, it was in front of its window, playing with a log, and it was just amazing. It wasn't that large, but it was obviously a small big thing, if you know what I mean. it was about the size of a labrador, but its paws and its jaws were huge. At the same time, it was playing like a kitten, and it was freaky to see normal feline behaviour on such a large scale. And of course, very cute.

The second cute thing was....a baby chimpanzee. Seriously, if there is a cuter thing than a ten month old chimpanzee, I don't want to see it, because I think I would be overwhelmed with cuteness. This one was being reared on its own because its mother had rejected it, and so the other chimps would do so too, so it lives on its own with its keepers, and gets taken in to look at the female chimpanzees every day to observe their behaviour. It was an enchanting little creature - it had such a jolly little pink face, and such sturdy hairy limbs, and it was so obviously a baby, with its slightly large head and its lack of coordination. And it looked so happy, swinging on its cool swing/rope combo. It was the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my life, and I wish I could steal it and take it home. Although I think Ju Ju might be a bit freaked out...
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