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did you say you loved me? i almost forgot.

I'm just listening to the mix CD I made for goovie, and the last song on it is - look away now, goovie - "I Almost Forgot'" by Matthew Sweet. For some reason, although I'm not a huge Sweet fan, I absolutely love that song and the album it's taken from. When I first heard it it always made me think of the boy I stupidly liked at the time, and it still makes me feel a bit teary. It's a combination of

You would never turn around
Laughing at everything
That's bringing me down
Did you say you loved me?
I almost forgot, I almost forgot

And I will never be free
There'll always be something
Stuck inside of me
Did you say you felt that?

I almost forgot, I almost forgot

You knew me
Changed my name
If love leaves us for a moment
Is it gone forever?
Make up your mind

But then you should never have to choose
Whenever you win you know
I'm wishing you'd lose
So you know I love you

I almost forgot, I almost forgot

....and the really sad, twangy guitars. I don't think either would hit me without the other. But anyway, listening to that the day after the Saddest Song hoot night inspired the question: what do you think are the saddest songs in the world? Or the ones that make you want to cry, anyway.

For the record, I feel like bawling (and possibly have, at some stage), to Chet Baker's version of 'Ghost of a Chance' (basically the saddest song ever), Tom Waits's 'Martha' (no wait, maybe it's that), 'Beestung' by Kristin Hersh, 'Halah' by Mazzy Star and REM's 'Country Feedback'. There are many more, but they're the first that spring to mind.

And you?
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