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I just went to the dentist. Now, every time I go to the dentist, I think that my luck is going to run out and that after 28 years (well, probably 27, what with me not being born with teeth like some sort of freaky vampire baby) I am finally going to have to....

...have a filling.

I have never had a filling. I have suffered in the dentist's chair - I had two back teeth out when I got my braces, and then, well, I had the horror of orthodontic care for two years. And then about two years ago I had to get a wisdom tooth out when the gum around it got an infection - this extraction took over an hour and was possibly the most hideous experience of my life. The dentist nearly broke my jaw. But despite all this anguish, my actual teeth are in perfect condition, and always have been.

AND THEY STILL ARE! Yes, yet again my fears were not grounded. My teeth are unscathed! And now they are almost supernaturally clean, because he did all his scrapy polishing stuff. Hurrah for good dental health!

All right, now I have to go and finish my piece about Filma About Teachers Who Make a Difference. You can see it in the I**** T**** next Thursday, if you want.
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