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You know, I really like The O.C.. Not least because of my great love for Seth. But Patrick pointed out on Saturday that virtually all the female characters are defined by either money or their relationships to men. And he's right, and I hope they change this soon. Bear in mind I've only seen as far as the Tijuana episode, so maybe Marissa suddenly gets a personality over the coming weeks. And I know that my shiney-faced namesake (that would be Anna) is going to come back. But still, the rest of the female characters are pretty crappy. Marissa is just boring, which is not helped by the fact that Mischa Barton isn't going to be winning an Oscar any time soon. Her mother is a vacuous gold-digger. Summer is obviously not meant to be totally a bitch, but she's still not much more than a boy chaser. Even though Kirstin earns more money than Sandy (and not any more, now he has the new job), she's still working for her daddy and needs his approval. I mean, where's the character girls can identify with? Or, you know, like?

I still think the show is really entertaining, and I still totally love Seth - I laughed aloud on Saturday at Adam Brody's deadpan delivery of Seth's response to Summer's vaguely snotty surprise that he was Jewish - "That's why I feel so comfortable in this desert heat." Actually, speaking of that scene, I thought Summer's "you're Jewish?" remark was (a) not helpful if they're trying to make her sympathetic, because weird snobby anti-semitism is not exactly a sympathetic trait to any normal person and (b)kind of ridiculous, as she knows his surname is Cohen, and even someone as vacuous as Summer should know that Cohen is a Jewish surname and therefore not be shocked when someone whose name that is turns out to keep kosher.

Anyway, I will keep watching. But I will be hoping for cool girls to appear.
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