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the feminist mafia speaks!

There's a bloke on Woman's Hour from that father's rights group Fathers for Justice, and he's pissing me off. He has just said "men want more caring responsiblities". Really? Do they? Because while I totally agree that men are discriminated in the courts - it's patently unfair and horrific that, for example, unmarried men have virtually no rights over their children - the fact remains that there are more women who have been deserted by the fathers of their children than there are fathers who are desperate to take more care of their children. How many men do you know who looked for the "caring responsiblities" which would entail giving up their job to look after their children? How many of you had fathers who did that? How many of you know people whose fathers fucked off and never looked back? I have a feeling that there are more of the latter than the former. And I speak as someone with a great dad who took part in a lot more of the childcare and housework than most other men of his generation I know, so there's no hint of personal bitterness here.

The man on the radio just said 'we now have a matriarchal society" and that "radical feminists run unchecked in the corridors of power". Fuck off, you bitter little man. There is no "feminist mafia". There's no matriarchy. The reason women are granted custody is because the legal system believes that women belong in the home looking after kids. If there was, as some father's rights advocates claim, a "powerful feminist" lobby running the country, we would have enforced equal pay rules, state subsidised child care and abortion on demand. We would not have rapists being given suspended or very short sentences.

I totally sympathise with the cause of fathers who have been denied rights. But I find it impossible to sympathise with many of the lobbyists themselves. They refuse to acknowledge that there are many, many fathers who delight in shirking their caring responsibilities, and act as if the country is full of fathers who are just dying to stay at home and change nappies, rather than women bringing kids up by themselves, whether they want to or not. They blame their situation on "feminists" rather than recationary old judges. They should realise that most feminists would be more than happy to share childcare responsibilities.
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