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I have spent the entire day not working. It's amazing. I was meant to be writing a funny 800 word article about my experience playing a Buffy Role Playing Game (which was brilliant fun), but the working day is now at an end and I've just written 400 words of it. God, I'm lazy.

In other news, I'm interviewing Gordon Gano of the Violent Femmes tomorrow! If, like me, you spent the more self-pitying moments of your adolescence listening to that first Violent Femmes album, you will understand my delight. The bad side is, it's on the ohone, from New York, at six in the evening, which means I have to stay late in the office. As I am, as you have no doubt gathered, incredibly lazy, and don't want to stay in the office past four if I can help it, this makes me peevish.

Well, I told you I was lazy....
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