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Stupid fucking RTE!

I was looking forward to some TV watching tomorrow evening, because it's Gilmore Girls night. And while I saw the first ten episodes of this season on CD last year, last week's episode was the tenth one. The kind internet lady who made those CDs for me didn't have episodes 11-15, so I hadn't seen any more past that one because I didn't want to skip straight to 16, especially as I knew it was going to be shown on TV eventually. So basically, this was going to be the first new episode for me in, like, six months. And this afternoon, I was glancing at the TV schedule for tomorrow in the paper, and in Gilmore Girls's timeslot there was a listing for some stupid documentary about sharks (note: this is a sign of my pissed-offness, because normally I would not call a shark documentary stupid). Anyway, I thought there was some mistake, and I remembered that I had recorded last week's episode off the telly for P's brother, so I put it on to see if there was some sort of announcement at the end about the show being off air for a while. Sometimes RTE just stop a show mid-season for several weeks, and then put it back on again. Which is annoying, but not as annoying at what happened. Because there was indeed an announcement, it was an announcement that that episode was the last episode of the series, ever! Which it wasn't, obviously.

I am really pissed off at how shoddily RTE deal with things like this. So they've decided not to show a programme. Fine (well, not fine, annoying, but it's their perogative). But to pretend that that was the last episode, to not even let fans know that there was more of the show but they'd decided not to show it - that's just really crappy. I mean, I know there are more episodes. I may even be able to get my hands on them. But there are probably lots of people who like the show who can't understand why it ended so randomly. RTE are arseholes.

And, um, I don't suppose anyone could get me CD copies of episodes 11-15 of Season Three, could they? Sigh.
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