The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

susan scarlett and telly

Thanks to daegaer and glitzfrau and their mad restricted-book-borrowing skillz, I am currently in temporary possession of two of the romance novels Noel Streatfeild wrote during the '40s. Yes, in between writing Ballet Shoes and my favourite of all her books, The Painted Garden, she wrote a bunch of cheesey romances under the name Susan Scarlett. I'm reading one of them now, and it's so much fun. It's quite obviously Streatfeild - it's written in her very distinctive style - but then every so often there'll be lines like "she loved looking at Paul's handsome face. He was so masterful, so strong." Which is very weird. But very entertaining. The one I'm reading is about a ballet dancer, which makes it even more typically Streatfeildy, and which adds to the general weirdness.

As well as reading forgotten romances, I've been watching some episodes of Gilmore Girls which barsine's boyfriend kindly burned for me. I'd actually never seen the first few episodes of the second season, so it was cool to catch them at last. Plus, I love Luke. I've always loved him, so this isn't some new revelation, but I just thought I'd declare it publically. He's one of my favourite characters on TV these days. He, Bernard Black of Black Books and Dr Cox from Scrubs should have a show together. Three grumps with hearts of gold, all in one show! Although on second thoughts, Bernard doesn't have a heart of gold at all....
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