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Okay, you've probably seen this by now, but in case you haven't (and you don't object to lots of swearing), go there now. It's an unshowable Channel 4 indent thing (they do lots of other ones, with famous people from C4 shows answering the same unheard question), except this time, the unheard question is obviously 'what's your favourite swearword". The results are strangely charming. Americans may not recognise half of the people featured, but if you've always wanted to know what Sandy Cohen's favourite profanity is (and he declares it with an amusing amount of enthusiasm, by the way), now's your chance. Also, my beloved Adam Brody is there as well, and very cute and sweary he is too.

I am, however, disappointed that no one mentioned my own favourite swear word, or at least the one I use quite frequently: bollocks.
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