The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

I've had my fun, and that's all that matters

Last night, a little TV miracle took place.

Let me explain. I saw every episode of Father Ted when they aired - all except for one. And this was one quickly became legendary in Ireland, because it starred Brendan Grace, a very cheesy Irish comedian, as a mean, nasty priest who listens to very loud drum'n'bass on an enormous ghetto blaster. I always expected it to be repeated, but if it was, I never saw it. So as the years passed, it became a sort of televisual holy grail: the episode I'd never seen. Every time I caught a Ted repeat on telly, I'd hope it was that one, but it never was. And when Patrick got the first series on DVD for his birthday the other day, we ended up talking about it in the pub, with P and barsine's boyfriend waxing lyrical about the ghetto blaster, prompting barsine to remember her own childhood encounter with Mr Grace in his 'Bottler' days.

Then last night, after the Alan Clarke Diaries (which was excellent, by the way, especially if you'd read the originals - it's hard to admit for a lefty like myself, but he really was terribly likeable, even though he was a borderline fascist and a dreadful sexist), we turned to E4. And what was just about to begin?


So, now I've seen it, and very, very funny it was too. Especially Brendan Grace, who was really sinister....
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