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This is a good article on "appeasement" and Spain. I find the denunciation of Spain as "appeasers" for wanting out of the Iraq war hugely offensive. I don't doubt that the horrendous bombings made some difference to the election, but not as much as Bush and co seem to think - the war was enormously unpopular in Spain, and part of the socialists' election promise was to withdraw troups. They were saying this long before the bombings. Would Bush have dared call them appeasers if the bombs hadn't gone off? It's called democracy, George, and while given your last election experiences I can understand why you're not too keen on it, it's quite popular in the region you quaintly like to call "old Europe". Just because someone disagrees with your war doesn't mean they're pro-terrorism, and I find the notion, to which some of my own government adhere, that not letting American planes fuel here in Shannon has suddenly turned into an act of terrorist-love.
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