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the sun has got its homophobic hat on

The Sun has outdone itself in obnoxiousness. For this week.

THERE is no greater opponent of political correctness than The Sun.

But we have to say, for once the PC brigade has a point. Sign language for the deaf that uses crude gestures for words like Jewish or Japanese can easily offend.

That said, we think our own gestures for asylum seekers, gays and the French are OK.

Two fingers to anyone who disagrees.

"Gays"? I mean, we already knew they officially hated asylum seekers and French people, but I, for one, didn't think the homophobia was an official policy (although Lord knows they don't mind when Richard Littlejohn or Gary 'Oi!' Bushell express it). You learn something new every day. Thanks, Sun writers! You pack of wankers.

Also, I love the way they have to tell their readers that racist slurs are bad, mmmmkay? Looking forward to seeing how well they follow their own advice in future....

I got the link (scroll down) from Littlejohn Watch, by the way.
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