The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

ethnic stereotypes blasted - again! Or are they?

This piece on the rise of Irish chicklit - from the Toronto Star amazed me. Apparently, the very existence of modern Ireland is worthy of comment. I was especially flabberghasted at this bit:

What is remarkable about the novels of Keyes and Ahern is how completely the old Ireland, the impoverished Ireland of saints and martyrs and sinners and drunks, is absent from them.

Their stories, which never mention religion, could be set in any affluent western city.

Wow! It really is remarkable that the Irish aren't backward religious maniacs! Bloody hell.

Colm Toibin's books have revealed that Ireland has a gay scene as well.

Well I never! Thanks for "revealing" that, Colm!

Now, I'm off to get drunk, get in a fist fight, and say ten decades of the rosary.
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