The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

local colour

You know the way I'm always going on about my local park and how nice it is? Well, here it is! You can see my house in that first photo, too. Although you can't see the effect of the oh-so-18th-century rolling hills. The second out-of-focus photo is actually of my favourite part of the park, the tree-and-crocus lined main drive. And for anyone who cares, here's the rather nice official Cabinteely House site, featuring a rather bewildering photo of two random rather posh-looking people sitting outside it. Cabinteely House is the lovely 18th century house whose grounds now form the park. And by the way, the reports of the house being turned into a cultural centre are greatly exaggerated - there's the Grainstore Youth Arts centre next door, but the house itself is very mysterious. I think it's just waiting for the day when I am so rich I can buy it and live in it. Well, I can but dream....
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