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poetry time

it all started with an e-mail from my sister Jenny.

Luc sent this to me to make me cry!!

And I followed the link (don't worry, it's not really upsetting), and discovered....Bendy Kitten.

Which I think you'll agree is the best name for anything, ever.

So to amuse myself and Jenny, I wrote a poem about Bendy Kitten.

Bendy kitten, oh Bendy Kitten
Forced to wear some special mittens
On your freaky bendy paws
Were they brought to you by Santa Claus?*

*Couldn't think of anything else to rhyme with paws

And then Jenny mailed me a second verse, by her friend Luc:

Oh bendy bendy kitten,
If you fight, then you'll get bitten
You can't run away my friend,
If you try, your little legs would bend.

So of course, she had to write a third verse:

Will you grow up to be Bendy Cat?
Only you know where your future's at
Maybe your legs will turn out straight
I hope you don't have long to wait.

At this stage I was in a state of extreme laughter, and almost couldn't read Luc's final verse:

When kittens are naughty,
You can scare them with threats...
...That you'll put up their pictures,
On handicapped pets.
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