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california here I come (I wish)

How come crazy partying teens are much more entertaining on telly than in real life?

The little fuckers next door(tm) are having a party. A loud party with lots of shit music (Robbie Williams is currently on the playlist). I know they have the Avalanches album (they play it a lot - hey, they got it three years late, but what the hell, it's good), so why don't they put that on? Man.

But! The OC was so great tonight! It was the New Year episode. The cuteness of...just about everyone in it! Even Seth's hideous shirt and tie combo couldn't stop him being adorable. And I cried at the cheesey romantic ending. Because I am a sap.

But sadly, all the good TV in the world doesn't make up for the annoyingness of the little fuckers next door. Now their unfortunate dog is barking at top volume. Christ.
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