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enigmatic texts

I was just deleting a bunch of text messages from my over-stuffed mobile, and I noticed how truly bizarre a lot of them were. So, what's lurking in your phone? Here are the first five that come up in my In box (some have been there for a while) - from the mundane to the, um, mad...

1. Their lashes were so long that the common girls thought they were false
2. Am in pub in Amsterdam wherein sailors used to pay for gin with monkeys.
3.We are in the Boulevard, where are you?
4. I could hear him roaring*
5. yes, phone me in work!

And a couple of them are from RL chums who are also LJ folk! So what's in your phone?

*I wanted to let the enigmatic words speak for themselves, but I feel compelled to say that the 'him' in question was none other than Jon Bon Jovi


Apr. 6th, 2004 09:56 am (UTC)
I still have several messages saved from Alex, from back before they took down mtnsms.com and she could send text messages to me from America. They're not really suitable for public consumption, though. I don't really have any other interesting ones because I clean it out too regularly because it's full after 20 messages. Wah!

My outbox is much fuller because I only empty that once a month. So I've sent:

- Schmoozed john r for james dean purposes. Er - revenge or betrayal? Am not sure! But you def still = < top 50 on campus :)

And a double one, from the night after my Adventures with Alcohol:

- Do not remember last nite. One minute was pleasantly tipsy, next minute was sunday morning. Apparently am very peculiar drunk who turns every conversation into fractions or algebra. Who knew? Not remotely ill yet: suspect means am still drunk. Erm Any suggestions for best course of action?


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