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GIP! And, telly-related rantings.

A new icon, for use when my despair at the world overcomes me. Or, you know, just for fun. I love being able to make icons again, hence the many new ones I've been foisting on my LJ lately.

I just watched last night's Gilmore Girls (the hockey match episode of Season 3) and I take back what I said in the past about Jess being the sort of boy that would have entranced my foolish teenage self. Until this season, I always thought that he was a dick, but the sort of Kerouac-reading, pretentious dick that would have appealled to me in my youth. Now, however, I just think he's an arse. Not ringing Rory, ever? Never apologising? Wanker. However, Rory's no prize herself these days, what with the passive aggression and the hankering after her ex, so maybe they deserve each other.

By the way, could anyone get me CDs of Season 4? We've only got a few more episodes of this season left, and I don't think RTE will ever bother showing the next season, ever, so if any of you nice people could get me downloaded copies on CD, I'd be forever grateful....

In other news, it is now raining and hailing, but earlier this morning it was balmy and sunny. Patrick and I went for a walk to the country lane on the other side of the park. It is so rural there that two pheasants flew out of a field as we walked past. I haven't been up there since last summer, and I'd forgotten how lovely and soothing it is - there are a few very posh old houses surrounded by vast, rambling grounds, complete with fields full of horses, and it really feels like the middle of the countryside - which it sort of is. At least, it's the edge of the countryside. Anyway, we strolled along the lane, with ancient trees on either side and the scent of flowers and spring freshness in the air, and it was really, really nice. Sometimes I like living out in the rural suburbs.

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