The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

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oiche samhain

Ooh, we have a gig in a few hours. And it's even more hassle than a gig usually is what with us trying to make it all Halloweeny. So I have to run out of the office in a minute and buy loads of nuts and penny sweets and suchlike. Plus I have to collect an enormous Korg keyboard and somehow get it from one part of town to the Temple Bar Music centre, about a mile away.

Did I mention that I'm a small, feeble girl? And that I will barely be able to pick up this behemoth? Oh dear.

So yeah, I'm stressed about this. But I'm kind of looking forward to dressing up in my Drusilla outfit. I even have a china doll, rescued from the back of my wardrobe in my parents' house! Her name is Harriet, but she's dressing up as Miss Edith tonight (complete with creepy-as-fuck blindfold)....
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