The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

name that tune

It's the random playlist meme! Bear in mind that I don't really have too much music on my computer, because I don't download much on my crappy dial up, so it's virtually all stuff I was burning for other people, and so there are a few songs on the list by the same artists. But can you identify them?

1. She only shook her hips but I saw it
2. Did you know I love you? I almost forgot.
3. But it's good, good, good when it's good, and boy it is good to be back
4. Can't you see the poison moon? It's calling to you.
5. You are the latest contender, you are the one to remember
6. Dear landlord, please don't put a price on my soul
7. you don't feel you could love me but I feel you could
8. ray charles calls you his sunshine, but you're the apple of my eye
9. John the Baptist in the park getting laid thinking there's noone looking
10. I'm not the kind of man that acts very strong when the girls are looking on
11. You wanna hear my long snake moan
12. you're addressing the world from your bed, all alone in the crowd like you said
13. The corn was golden, we lay in it for days
14. Baby can't you see I'm calling? A guy like you should wear a warning.
15. On my 26th day of being alone, I hung out of the window by the telephone
16. Bad news, bad news come to me where I sleep, turn turn turn again
17. Jennifer, we can't go wrong, let's put it right
18. I don't need no man, get my kicks for free
19. Is y'all alright? I don't know, but I know what's happened to me, girl.
20. Night falls, I fall and where were you? Where were you?
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