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from beneath you it devours

Noooo! Poor Gunn! That's so unfair! I love Gunn, and I know what he did was meant to be noble and everything, but I can't believe the rest of them didn't at least try and disuade him from staying in hell, especially as they could have got the information out of Lindsey in about five seconds. Poor Gunn. I hope they get him out next week. Or soon.

On the plus side - Jayne from Firefly! Cool! I loved his bit at the end - I hope he's in it for the rest of the season. Which of course reminds me, we only have five episodes left. Five episodes and that's it for the Buffyverse, forever. I feel pathetically sad when I think about it.


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May. 5th, 2004 08:04 am (UTC)
can't believe the rest of them didn't at least try and disuade him from staying in hell

Don't forget they're all still pretty pissed at Gunn and this is a pretty vengeful bunch: remember how Wesley was left out in the cold. And of course, nobody has a jones for Redemption Through Pain like Angel.

I am liking Hamilton a lot more than Eve: so much more evil, but so much more fun. ("What's this guy like, on a scale of one to Terminator?" was a terrific line to give Lorne). Angel going into full dork mode over "Angel's Avengers" was fun but I really loved the Wesley/Illyria stuff (plus Fred is sooo much hotter as a superbeing).

that's it for the Buffyverse, forever

I wouldn't be so sure: they could pull Ripper out of the frezeer, there'll probably be another volume of Fray (the only comic book part of the Buffyverse really worth reading so far), and there's always the possibility of a movie or miniseries. And there might yet be a hail mary pass and a pick up by another network, although that's looking unlikely -- I suspect the movie or miniseries is the most likely: either would be ideal for DVD release and the Buffyverse box sets have been nice little earners for Fox Studios, who may be willing to help find the financing as a result.
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