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Our gig was great!

Seriously, I wasn't expecting it to be. I have been feeling a bit meh-ish about the whole El Diablo thing recently. But it was so, so much fun. And I played the piano (well, fancy keyboard) in public for the first time since my grade seven piano exam, which was rather nervewracking. But there was a big crowd, who cheered and danced and generally seemed to be having a good time.

Plus I loved dressing up. I wore my gothy black empireline dress, tied half of my hair straight back from my brow, and then proceeded to pour Benefit lip tint down from the corners of my mouth. Once I had genuine drip-tracks, I smudged loads of the ruby-red tint all over my mouth. It looked really, really authentic, and genuinely creepy when I smiled. A vaguely gothy girl who had drawn feeble blood-drips on her face with regular red lipstick looked at my convincingly carniverous appearance with envy and asked how I did it.

"I ate someone," I replied.

I don't how I ever dare laugh at goths, really.

The support bands were great; Once More, With feeling blasted out over the speakers before and between the acts; about twenty of my lovely friends turned up, which was very nice of them (although no less than I expect, heh); I drank a lot of cider and nearly fell asleep in the car on the way home (don't worry; I wasn't driving. Not least because I can't drive).

All in all, it was the best Halloween since I was about ten. Huzzah!
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