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...I learned that from my father...

Fuck, tonight's Angel was good.

I was so surprised when Connor appeared! I was totally unspoiled, and although I kind of recognised his parents, I wasn't sure what episode they'd been in before. And then we heard the voice, and poor old Angel looked around... sniff. All the Angel-Connor stuff was really touching and sad, especially the very end.

And I loved the bit where Connor got his memory back and flipped over Sahjan. Then when he got up and was looking over at him, smiling kind of dangerously...that was very cool. I really like it when characters suddenly realise their power - like when Buffy stops being all girly at Halloween. In fact, I'm presuming the resemblance to that scene was intentional. Aww, why does the Buffyverse have to end? Why?!


May. 11th, 2004 02:57 pm (UTC)
Yes! Damn, I had the episode in which she died on video, and I think I recorded over it. Yeah, this dreadful demon was unleashed - by Knox, which was cool, and which provided one of the few good creepy moments of the episode - and took over Fred, and she died at the end - which was actually very well done and very sad - and then the demon, Illyria, took over her body. Hence the blue hair. Illyria wanted to raise her ancient armies. but they were all dead, and basically because she looks like Fred Wesley wanted to "help her adjust to our world", rather creepily.

And it was, indirectly, Gunn's fault, because the thing he signed to keep his mental powers was the customs form which got the demon's vessel into the building (although he didn't know what it was at the time). So when the gang got Lindsay out of hell, Gunn basically volunteered to take his place. Hence he was being tortured. Poor Gunn.

Phew! Do you feel all caught-up, now?
May. 11th, 2004 10:17 pm (UTC)
because she looks like Fred Wesley wanted to "help her adjust to our world", rather creepily.

To be fair, the helping came after a somewhat spirited, ruthless and very almost succesful effort on Wesley's part to kill Illyria... :) And it was a great Buffyverse moment when Wesley popped Knox right after Angel's "All Lives Are Sacred" speech...


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