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scarlet woman!

Woe is me! I spent a delightful day in the back garden, lying on a rug under the gorgeous 1920s Japanese cotton parasol which belonged to my great-aunt Peggy in her youth, reading Little Women (which is much better than I remembered - I loved it when I was wee, but hadn't read it in well over a decade). But while my face and arms were sensibly smeared in SPF 16, and my face was sheltered by the parasol anyway (so lovely to read under, because the light filters through beautifully) I forgot to do my bare legs, because they never usually change colour, ever. But what a fool I was! While my arms are now a lovely healthy golden colour, and my face a healthier, creamier version of its usual milk-bottle white, the backs - just the backs! - of my legs are BRIGHT RED. No doubt the cruel barsine will find this vair vair amusing, as she laughed and laughed when she saw my sun burned nose a few weeks ago. But I don't (well, only a little bit), because I look freakish! I can't wear a skirt until the other sides of my legs at least match! And it's very unfair, because I've always been very sensible about wearing sun screen and not getting burned. But it seems that the sun will get me every time...

It really has been a gorgeous day, so I'm not complaining too much...
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