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McDowell is a selfish, racist prick, redux

If anyone hasn't seen glitzfrau's entry on the subject, this is what our lovely Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform has to say about, um, equality:

"A dynamic liberal economy like ours," the Minister said, "demands flexibility and inequality in some respects to function." It was such inequality "which provides incentives".
"Driven to a complete extreme, the current rights culture and equality notion would create a feudal society. A society so ordered, static, and where the Government tries to order everything by law, it would become as atrophied as a feudal society."

Yes, of course it would, Mick. Because anti-discrimination legislation somehow forces people to become serfs. Why, Russia in the 17th century was known for its "rights culture". And a lack of anti-discrimination legislation it also apparently provides "incentives". Well, I'm sure it's inciting plenty of his businessman friends to exploit their employees, but how exactly does depriving people of their rights to social and employment equality help anyone else? McDowell can go and fuck himself. Preferably with one of his disineguous "yes"-vote posters.

By the way, do those posters - or the pamphlets - for the yes campaign give any real reasons to vote apart from what they call "common sense citizenship"? No, because the only real reason for this vote is "but......but they're BLACK!" Our birthrate has gone down, like most of the developed world, over the last twenty years. Even if every immigrant had a baby as soon as they reached irish soil, our birth rate would be nowhere near the number in the '70s. There is no strain on the health service - well, there is, but it's caused by mismanagement and lack of funds, not by imaginary hordes of black babies being born every two seconds.

And then there's all this talk about these immgrants "coming back" when they're 18. So what? For goodness sake, we had a population of over eight million a hundred and fifty years ago. We've got plenty of room. The only argument against that sort of legal immigration is a racist one.

And let's remember: there isn't a family in this country that hasn't produced "economic migrants". If anyone who's seen a child or a parent or an aunt or uncle or cousin emigrate in search of a better life votes "yes" to this referendum, well, I hope they remember that their family members are the American or British equivalent of the people they don't want growing up here. There are some people *cough*thatprickGerryRyan*cough* who like to blame our crime rate and drug problem on immigrants. They might want to remember that the Irish have been blamed for plenty of unpleasant things in other countries too - organised crime being one of them, and terrorism being another. You don't think it's fair that the Guildford Four and BirminghamSix were "innocent until proven Irish"? Well, don't say that all Nigerians are gangsters, then, because it's exactly the same thing.

We've farmed out our poor and needy for several centuries. We have absolutely no right whatsoever to complain about people doing the same thing to us. Some of us may not like it, but tough. Remember the "no blacks, no Irish" caveats in the Britain of the '70s? That's not even thirty years ago. How quickly we forget.
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