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size six with a beautiful california tan and eyes the colour of the pacific ocean

As my real life chums know, I am adamantly opposed to fake tan, mostly because while real people come in all sort of colours, bright orange is not of them, and for a good reason. But! Over the weekend, both barsine (no fake tan fan herself) and my friend Louise recommended Rimmel's Sun Shimmer, which they claimed was very subtle and perfect for the typically pasty Irish legs and, more importantly, just washed off in the shower so if it went hideously wrong you didn't have to go around with streaky russet legs for a week. And so I bought some and earlier today I tried it out in the privacy of my own home. And lo, it works! My blindingly white legs are now a very pleasant and totally natural golden brown - the colour they used to go when I was a kid; for some weird reason, despite being very, very white, I used to tan beautifully as a child, when slathered in the requisite SPF15 to stop me burning. My dad and sister Rachel still tan and have golden skin, so maybe I inherited my dad's skin as a kid and somehow it mutated into my mother's fair pastiness as I got older. Except that's physically impossible. I dunno. Anyway! I have discovered that I can use fake tan to stop my legs looking all pasty without turning them radioactive orange, which is a good thing.

It's not going anywhere near my face, though. I draw the line somewhere....
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