The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess


Oooh, I just watched the Alexander trailer. While it's rather amusing to hear Colin Farrell delivering rousing speeches to his ancient Greek troops in an accent not a million miles away from my own (although I don't see why he shouldn't use his own accent - it's not like he's speaking ancient Greek), the shot of the horse and the elephant facing off looked great. Also, at the end when the words "the greatest legend of all" appeared on screen, I was all "it's not a legend!". But then the words "...was real." appeared, so I had to get off my high horse.

ETA: I was, however, slightly peeved that in the montage of Alexander's various aspects, Alexander the "lover" seems to be totally heterosexual. They'd better not make him like Achilles and his "cousin"....
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